I first need to say the ZLM 7.2 Linux Managment Administration Guide is a joke. There are several typos and some commands don't appear to work. Thanks goodness for this board which appears to be pretty active. Any better docs or guides worth checking out? I've found several tutorials on the coolsolutions site which I am trying out.

Anyways, I am having an issue with my client reporting back. I think it has to do with the status indicator not turning solid green but just keeps bouncing. I can ssh into my ZLM server and ping my client by IP and name and likewise ssh into my client and ping my ZLM server by name and IP. Firewalls are off on both so I don't know what else to try. It appears the server sends the refresh to the client because it reports the refresh completed successfully. However, I cannot get the inventory to report. I found some other threads on this board and noticed the software-inventory-enabled was set to False and so was the hardware-inventory-enabled. I changed that within ZLM and refreshed but the hardware-inventory-enabled was the only one that changed to True when I look at rug get-prefs. Anyway to manually set this value? I was reading in the Admin guide on page 470 how to set the refresh interval but when I run rug refresh-interval-hardware 30, time in seconds, I get ERROR: Argument 'refresh-interval-hardware' is invalid. I am just trying to get this one client to register updates and once I take one step forward it seems I end up 3 steps backwards. ZLM appears to be a nice tool to manage our Linux servers but trying to figure it all out is becoming quite a task.