I want to test and learn about BM3.8 At work we use BM3.7 but with the

upgrade protection we now can use BM3.8. On a test server at home I
try to
install BM3.8.
I installed NW6 SP3 then I instal Edir 8.7.1 NICI 2.6
(to make this measure short I follow the Companion CD read me
I like to use Imanger 2.0.1 but after installing I get the error 404
not found. There is no TID who tells me what I doing wrong. The URL to

Imanger on my server https://s1.muetstege.com:2200 is changed but does
work, and gives the 404 error.
I checkt the include line in the ADMINSERV.CONF file.
The server has two NIC's
Please help me.....