Hello all.

We are a K-12 school district that has mainly Win XP workstations with netware 6.5 servers and a boardermanager 3.7 server as our gateway/proxy. The XP machines with NWC 3.91 SP4 use Client Trust for BM authentication and have worked fine this way for years.

I am attempting to configure a SLED 10 SP2 machine with Omni's Linux Desktop Multiplier ( http://www.omni-ts.com/linux-desktop/ ) to allow access through our BoarderManager proxy. I have installed the Netware Client for Linux and the Linux Client Trust files. I can get an NDS user logged in to the SLED machine, start Client Trust, and get authentication to use the proxy for web browsing. However, when I log in on a SECOND display on this multi-user setup, I am allowed to use the web browser through the proxy *WITHOUT* starting client trust. I have determined that user2 is browsing with the same credentials as user1. If I close client trust on user1's session or log user1 out altogther, user2 loses authentication as well. It appears that once a client trust authentication is granted to the machine, ALL users originating from that machine's IP address are granted Boardermanager proxy access as the first logged-in user. Shouldn't Client Trust work on a PER USER basis instead of a per IP basis??

I am not sure if this is a Boardermanager configuration problem or something that needs to be tweaked on the Linux Client Trust side. I thought I would start here since this forum seems to have more traffic than the SLED forum at the moment.

THANKS in advance for any help.