Novell NW 5.1 SP8. BM with 3.6 SP2a. For years ... working well. Machine is nothing special and comparing todays machines nothing at all, but this firewall/proxy (dynamic/static NAT) job is well done and ... good enough for now. But ... yeaterday/today start appear error
"Status : 500 Internal Server Error
Description : Novell Proxy Memory Allocation error.".
Such a error I don't remember had here before. Machine is tuned as Mr. Craig Johnson has suggested and this did help out about year ago when server started complain about not enough resources (not proxy, but server itself).
So, please advice where I must look for problem and about settings to change as probably something is filling up etc.
Server is up about 310 days, may be it is time to restart it.
* CPU util is not high.
* Receive buffers below 200 (I had maximum set 10000 and min 5000, probably I must decrease it).
* Original cache buffers 97587
* Total cache buffers 33926
* Long term cache hits 88%
* Open files 2000 - 2570 or so
* Cache buffer memory 35%
* LRU sitting time 1:42:45
Well, I'm not sure what more.
More thanks, Alar.