Hi all,

Not sure why it happened or even exactly when, but I am no longer able

to load filtcfg on my BM3.7Sp2 server running on NW6Sp3. I can't evenunload filtsrv.

When I type filtcfg at the console prompt, I get "loading module
filtcfg.nlm" - "auto fail" and then nothing. I can unload ipflt whichauto unloads ipflt31 no problem. When I attempt to unload filtsrv, I
get "Server-5.60-124" - "unable to unload module filtsrv.nlm (error
All of this happens whether I have stopped the border services or not.

Anyone got any ideas? I'm thinking maybe my filters.cfg file is hosedand I need to wipe it and start over but I'm not sure and would rather

not do that if there is another solution.

Thanks in advance.