I created an MSI bundle to deploy the ZESM agent. I followed the instructions n the ZESM documentation to create the MSI. When I deployed the bundle to a test machine it installed the client and rebooted the PC. So far, so good. However, every time I log into the PC afterwards it tries to install again, fails, and reboots. The bundle status is "Downloaded" so it thinks the installation failed even though the agent is running (red car icon in system tray).

I removed the relationship to the test PC and was able to uninstall the agent. After uninstalling, I redeployed the bundle with the same result. I need to figure out what went wrong and fix it so I can deploy it to production PCs.

I'm running ZCM 10.1.2 with the Feb 09 PRU on Windows Server 2003 R2. The test PC is a freshly imaged Windows XP SP3 system. The bundle is set to install once per PC and it runs as a Dynamic Administrator.