I have a BM 39 SP1 proxy running on NW65 SP7. The proxy was originally just BM39, and was working fine for months. Recently, we got reports that users couldn't get to the internet, and found that communication with the server was down. We could shut off BorderManager from the console and communication would return. But if we started the proxy again it would stop communicating again. A reset of the server fixes the problem for a while, until the 'Connections in use' field on the NBM FastCache Current Activity screen would climb back up to around 10,000+ connections.

After reading through some posts on this forum about the same problem, I tried updating the proxy to SP1. I haven't had the same communication problem yet, but its only been an hour or so and already the connections in use have reached 4500+. Normally I see a maximum of 1000 connections on a busy day.

I have wiresharked the packets on the internet NIC for this server, all traffic seems consistent with normal internet use. I am not very experienced at packet analysis so I could have missed something there.

We did not make any configuration changes to this server between when it was working and when it wasn't as far as I know.

Any thoughts?