My mother asked me to look at her printer, but I can't figre out what is
wrong, so I thought I'd ask here. Lexmark all-in-one, X6170. My stepfather
put new ink cartridges in and it stopped printing. The cartridges are
correct for the printer, black cartridge Lexmark brand, color cartirdge
OfficeDepot. Both the printer LED and the software on the PC recognize the
cartridges and state that they are full., but test pages come out
completely blank. Occassionally get a message that the heads cannot be
aligned, and to remove the tape from the print heads, but there is no tape.
A few times when I ran the cleaning procedure, some ink would get on the
paper, but the color ink was very intermittent and the black was in blobs
at the edge of the paper. I removed and reinstalled the cartridges several
times, no change. I cleaned the print heads and contacts with rubbing
alcohol, no change. I figure the odds of getting two defective cartidges
are kind of low, so I suspect the printer. Has anyone seen anything like

Donald Albury