Hi all,

Am I missing a setting somewhere???

NW6 sp3 BM 3.8

Problem: Getting excessive amounts of "ICP parent not found errors" on

server console when connected to upstream ICP proxy. No other
proxies are both working as expected, but the ICP error message can
very annoying if you have to spend any amount of time in the same room

as the BM server. Also fills up Console logs.

Decided to try the CERN proxy settings.
Using CERN you are not supposed to need the "Must Forward..." setting.

Upstream proxy is using Linux & squid with smartfilter as a content

Whenever the type of "neighbor" was changed from ICP to CERN, and the"Must Only Forward Through Hierarchy" box un-checked, I would lose the

ability to sign into secure public web sites using SSL.
If the "Must Forward..." box was ever checked..ICP errors would
even if the type was set to CERN. Apparently if the "Must Forward..."box is selected, it (BM) assumes you are using a ICP parent proxy.
Selecting the "Must Forward..." box would allow logins to public https

Changing to CERN, "Must Forward..." unselected, and unloading filtersallowed HTTPS logins to public sties.
CERN, with "Must Forward..." unselected, and filters loaded gave BM

Seems to be a problem with https: making it through a BM CERN
client, and upstream CERN server.

When using BM as an ICP client, I never have problems with public
using https??

I made a filter exception for port 443, loaded the CERN settings and
everything works fine.

So.....is there a reason CERN type proxies seem to not pass https
correctly?? Or am I missing something??