OES 2 SP1 and quickfinder (LUM enabled).

I index Netware NSS Volumes.

The user that I set for scanning has Supervisor right on all volumes.

I enabled in "Advanced File System Index Editing", "Rights-based Search Results ", "by Result Item (Each result item is checked for read access)"

The problem is that the user that log in the quickfinder server cannot see any result even if he has read right to the files that it was looking for.

I also try to disable this option and enable in "Security", Check authorization by directory:" but it does not work.

To make it working I have to disable any security check...

Here is some log when the server check for authorization :

Path DAT:/DATA/Applications.doc is unaunthorized, checking filter type
About to check if the given path DAT:/DATA/Applications2.doc is authorized for collection id 2
Path DAT:/DATA/Applications2.doc is unaunthorized, checking filter type

Where is my mistake?

Thanks in advance.