I have a new bordermanager 3.7/sp2 netware 6/sp3 server that I have
configured and am testing before putting it in production. There is
older nbmgr server that is serving up the internet to everyone and
everyone is configured with as a default gateway. That
is a secondary address on the old nbmgr server and I will move it to
new one when ready. I have (a secondary address on the new nbmgr server) configured as the default gateway for a couple pc's I am

using to test the nbmgr server. Everything is working, static nat & proxy server. Both the pc's are configured with static ip addresses &

gateway to test because my dhcp server gives out the address
the gateway.

I tested the pc's using nat and that works and never times out. When
use the proxy server on the pc's they are browsing on the internet and

everything is working. If I leave the browser idle for a while, then
try to browse, I get the Forbidden 403 you are not logged in error
If I go into Windows explorer I cannot browse that servers drives. I

cannot access that server through nwadmin. I can ping the server. I

have to reboot the PC and then I can browse the internet again. I did

up the Time to Wait for SSO to 30 seconds. That did not resolve the problem. What is causing me to lose communication with this server if

the browser is idle for less then an hour? This communication problem

only started when I configured the pc's to use this new proxy server
internet access. Before that I would be able to gain access to the
server off and on all day long with no communication problems.

Thanks and Happy Holidays.