I'm installing Netware 6.5 SP6 at a branch office and when I get to the point in the installation where I install into my existing tree, I try to browse the tree and fail.

I'm asked for the IP address of a server containing a replica - I provide that information and then I can browse through the tree down to the target context. When I try to install the server to that context, I'm shown a screen that reads: Installing eDirectory...

It stays on that screen for several minutes and eventually, I get the "eDirectory has failed to install" 626 error and the installation to that context fails.

On a side note - not sure if this is related or not - in the Console Screen, I have an error that reads "Directory Services: Could not open local database, error: -723" eDirectory hasn't been fully installed so I'm not sure if this error is normal.

HELP! Many thanks!