I have NetStorage up and running, and tested it with my own account to
see if it was working properly. It was. So I told the users that they
could access their files via the web, and I thought everybody was happy.
But then I was told by some users that no matter what username/password
combination was entered in the authentication popup box, it would bounce
back and re-ask for username and password. So I created a testaccount,
and tried it from home. Indeed, the users were right, no login possible.

This has been rattling through my brains for quite some time, and now I
know why I was able to login, and other users aren't. In the tree, in
the context where the server lives, I have an alias that points to my
UserObject (which I had created years ago for testing contextless login)
So for testing purposes, I also created an alias in that context for the
testaccount I had created. And, yes, I am able to login to NetStorage
using that account.

The question now is: Why does the server not find the other UserObjects
when the users try to login? Is there a setting that I need to change or
add? I read all messages on the forums about NetStorage that I could
find, but still haven't figured out where things go wrong.

Anybody any suggestion, or is able to point me in the direction where to
look? Any help is appreciated.

Thanks in advance,