Primary Mary and other veggie growers, have you picked out the varieties
of tomatoes you'll grow this year? I'm thinking it's time to break down
and try the "prolific" hybrids. Heirlooms have performed
disappointingly for me (for reasons of neglect, poor soil, and
inexperience - I'm counting on decades of plant science to make up for
all that). If you've grown hybrids, do you have any favorites to
recommend, that are particularly tasty or easy?

Do you use Miracle Gro or something organic to help them along? How
'bout row covers, wall-o-water, red mulch, any of that fancy stuff?
I'll dig in all the compost I have, but think I'll try to get fish/kelp
goo down regularly, as well.

Alan, I promise I won't attempt give you any of those evil things.

Oh - if you're looking for an exceptionally good-tasting pole bean, get
yourself some "Rattlesnake beans" from Pinetree Garden seeds.

Sorry to get carried away. It's sort of warmish here (however
temporarily) and I've been leafing through the seed catalogs.