My home setup has a Zyxel 643 router, ISP=Sprint, local loop=COVAD.
client setups to date, the way I've configured the router to allow
everything I need is to setup what someone told me is called
NAT - the router does DHCP on 10.0.0.x, it allows private side
to be NATted to a public IP address when needed via a SECONDARY
and my Netware server provides DHCP on 192.168.x.x. This allows
workstations plugged into the public side to get a DHCP 10.0.0.x
address and
makes public side testing simple.

I would like to configure my router so that I don't have to change it
when I
install BM and I think the above setup would work, the only difference
that now I'd assign a static public IP to a workstation and under BM
assign a static private IP that I'd NAT to a public IP. Craig Johnson

helped me with my first router setup and, armed with my minimal
knowledge of
how it works, I was recently able to get the ISP's tech to help me set
up a
new router the same way. In short, I have a little knowledge but, so
it has not proven to be a dangerous thing. :)

Do I understand things correctly regarding my router, transparent NAT,

Do I need a different router? If so, router recommendations, please.
The reason I'm here in the first place is that I've run out of public
and need some DHCP happening for machines that don't need to be
visible to
the outside world.

Many thanks in advance.

Steve "learning" Freides