Until about a week ago, I had a perfectly functioning Site-to-Site
BMEE 3.6 between two NSBS6 servers. The Master Server was on the MAIN

server, the Slave Server was on the BRANCH server. Then last week, I

unfortunately elected to upgrade the MAIN server. The
did not go well, and after failing with Migration Wizard 6.5 and
ServerMagic 6.5, I eventually had to reinstall the MAIN server and
restore NDS and all the files from backup tape.

Once everything stabilized with the MAIN server, I could not get the Site-to-Site VPN to come back up with respect to IP communication. I

ended up deleting the existing VPN Master and Slave Servers, and
starting from scratch, using Craig's book, which I followed to the
letter. Each protected network behind the MAIN and BRANCH servers are

unique private IP network, and the VP Tunnel is a unique IP network
distinct from the two protected networks. I configured each protected

networks correctly, and the correct hops show up in the static routing

table of each server. I also have IP RIP disabled on each server.

The VPTUNNEL comes up, and IPX communication across the tunnel is
absolutely no problem. I can also ping the Slave Server private IP
address from the Master Server. However, I cannot ping the Master
Server from the Slave Server, and no workstation in the Slave Server protected network can see anything in the Master Server protected
network. The Slave Server can, however, ping the internet, and the
workstations in the Slave Server protected network can access the

I have looked at pre-and post- upgrade configurations, and the only
difference I see is that SLPDA is not running on the Master Server. This is because I cannot get SLPDA to correctly configure on the
Server after the upgrade. Would the absence of SLPDA on the Master
Server be the cause of the inability of the Slave Server and its
protected network of accessing the Master Server and its protected
network? If so, how do I get SLPDA to configure correctly?

ANY HELP would be appreciated.

Chip Reinhardt