I am writing an own java programm with NDK (com.novell.ldap.* packages) and trying to use pagesize controls (cause I need also an AD search query).
It doesn't work because it doesn't know the setServerControls method.
Does anybody have an idea how I can set the page size to get all objects (>1k)?

here is the code:
LDAPControl[] pageControls = new LDAPControl[2];
		// VLV requests also require a sort control; sort by common name
		pageControls[0] = new LDAPSortControl(
				new LDAPSortKey("samaccountname"), true);
		// Do an initial search to get the virtual list size.
		// Keep one page before and one page after the start.
		beforeCount = pageSize;
		afterCount = pageSize;
		// selectedIndex = -1;
		// // Create the initial VLV request control; we don't know the
		// virtual list size, so we specify 0 for the size parameter

		LDAPVirtualListControl vlc = new LDAPVirtualListControl(0, beforeCount,
				afterCount, 0);
                //doesn't find this method (cons is LDAPSearchConstraints)
// Do a search
		try {
			String[] attrs = { "samaccountname" };
			LDAPSearchResults result = lc.search(config.LDAPSEARCHBASE_AD,
					searchScope, sF, attrs, false, cons);

			// Check if we have a control returned
			LDAPControl[] c = lc.getResponseControls();
			if (c != null) {
				for (int i = 0; i < c.length; i++) {
					if (c[i] instanceof LDAPVirtualListResponse) {
						LDAPVirtualListResponse response = (LDAPVirtualListResponse) c[i];
						selectedIndex = response.getFirstPosition() - 1;
						top = Math.max(0, selectedIndex - beforeCount);
						// Now we know the total size of the virtual
						// list
						size = response.getContentCount();
			if (selectedIndex < 0) {
				System.out.println("No VLV response control");
		} catch (Exception ex) {
I read on a website that method setserverControls is inherited from LdapConstraints. In the doc => Directory SDK 4.1 for Java API Specification <= the method exists but maybe that is different because it is netscape and not Novell?

Thx for some help in advance!