I have 2 different buildings that I can't get PXE to work in from my main server in my office. I have a server in both of these buildings with the zen agent already installed.

I assume to get PXE imaging to work in those buildings I need to do these steps:
1- add server as satelite with PXE imaging role
2- replicate images to server
3- turn on proxy dhcp service
4- add IP helper to building core
5- image and be happy.

Am I correct? Eventually I'll add a closest server rule and tell the machines in those buildings what to do.

Also, how do I change where those machine store their content? The primary partition for those servers isn't very large. I will need to move the files to a different partition on the device so I have enough room. I will only need to store 2 images on these remote servers so it's not a lot of space.

I'll be able to specify what content to replicate correct?

Thanks for the help!!