I have BM 3.8 on two servers at two locations and 3.9 sp1 at a 3rd location. Access rules were configured at the O of our tree and at each BM server.

The Organizational rules were the rules that were the same for all three sites.

Since installing BM 3.9 so many weird things have happened. Mostly access rules flat out don't work like they used to. My 3.9 server gives me a -672 error whenever it tries to read new rules, althought the number of rules does increment correctly when reading a new rule.

Today for instance I tried limiting a user on the 3.9 server access rules only of not going anywhere on the internet. It would not work. When I changed the rule from NDS object to IP address it sort of worked. I say "sorta" because I immediately (upon success) added another rule in front of it that said it's ok for that IP number to go to 1 web site.

It seems if I leave the rules alone for a little while, they sort of engage. I say that because some time later, when I took out the new allow rule for that 1 IP address, the user on that PC was able to get to the originally designated allow site, which I now took out.

Nothing is consistent as it was in BM 3.8.