Users in the Domain are able to use NSS volumes via Samba or via NCP.

But if you want the same user to use NCP or SAMBA depending on the PC
he uses, this does not work well with iprint. As long as no client is
installed users can use iPrint - with the really unpractical long user
name - but it works. As soon as the Client 4.91 Sp5 is installed on a
WinXP WS this user is unable to authenticate to iprint (on Netware),
because the NCP client intercepts the credentials passed to the iprint
server and makes them unusable for the apache authentication:

cn=xxx, cn=Users, ou=DSFWDOMAIN, O=COMP
entered in the iprint client is transferred
cn=xxx,Users , ou=DSFWDOMAIN, O=COMP

to the iprint server and apache is unable to decode this "shortened"

Anybody seen a similar behaviour?

W. Prindl