I would like to check if there is a theoretical limit to the number of Printer Agents that a particular NDPSM serves. Our server with 3 GB or Ram allocated to it and running as a VM in VMWare 3.5. Occasionally, it will just hang with no abends. The server also hosts an Equitrac DRE that takes care of the printjobs costing and auditing. Workstations connected to our printserver are approx. 1200, with multiple printer objects assigned. Almost 700 of these workstations have a 2 printer drivers that are assigned to 2 specific printer objects that everyone can use (follow-me printing).

What particular environment settings will help my system? Ex. Maximum Packet Receive buffers, etc.

I have search for quite a while already and it is really hard to find info about NDPS specific environment settings that will improve its performance.