I thought I would post this to inform about a serious print server
problem I just encountered when prepping a server for BM v3.8 and of the
solution I found.

The companion CD (CCD) for BM v3.8 contains an NDS update to v 8.7.1,
which is the recommended version. This is per the CCD's file
CCD_Readme.html in section 1.2.2 .

After updating my client's server to this NDS v8.7.1, none of their HP
JetDirect (external & internal) were unable to login to the server.
HP's basic level support had no knowledge about this & we jumped thru the
Try-This-'n-That hoops. After 1 hours of talking w/ support, I =requested escallation. The senior techie found a Novell TID which addressed this problem.

This problem is described per TID #10078052 located at:

and is fixed in Novell download edir8711.exe per TID located at:


In my TekLab, after updating NDS to v8.7.1 from the CCD, my 3 internal
JetDirects did *not* have this problem (probably because they were
newer models/firmware).

Greg, if you're reading this, is it worth while to include this caveat
in your fabulous BM 3.8 documentation: chapter 3's section on
"Version-Specific NDS Considerations?"

I hope this is of some help to all those who pass thru here. My thanks
to those who have provided me with desperately needed support as I
recently embarked on BM as a newbie.

Happy New Year!