Hi everybody,

I've got this problem with my zen agent.

I run a Windows2008 server with ZCM10. On my server everything is seems allright, including the agent.

when I distribute the agent to a workstation, distribution goes fine and the agent even registers the device to my zone. The only thing is that I cannot log in with my agent. When I reboot the machine (XP), I log into windows without seeing my agent (which normally is a good thing), but when I'm logged in my workstation and I right click the agent icon, I can't see a login/logout option and when I check the properties.

When I check the event viewer in the workstation I notice a couple of things.

Category: SatelliteServerRolesRefreshHandler
ZenHttp.BadService: BadService

Category: Settings Module
SettingsModule.SettingsRefreshError: Unable to refresh the system settings from service.

If anyone has any ideas please let me know