My company currently uses ZEN for Desktops 7. We run it on OES Linux
servers and deployed it about 2 weeks after it was released in September
2005, I guess that makes us early adopters? Despite being one of the
"first cabs off of the rank" we have found ZEN 7 to be very reliable and
full of features. Yes it looks a bit tired now some 3+ years later but at
the time it was pretty good.

We are considering changing to ZCM 10, predominantly because we will
eventually have to take the plunge and move away from Windows XP to
Windows 7 (Vista with some of the bloat removed) as our desktop platform.

But, unless I'm missing something, ZCM 10 is really rather weak, it lacks
some of the granularity/features of ZEN 7 and from what I gather is full
of bugs too. I have also heard that Ron Hovsepian himself was so cheesed
off with the negative feedback customers where expressing in relation to
ZCM10 that he took ownership of the product himself and started to lean
on the developers to raise their game. But it appears to me that they
ignored him!

I've looked at ZCM 10, ZCM 10.01, ZCM 10.03 and ZCM 10.2 beta and I'm
buggered if I can see any major improvement from one version to the
next?! ZEN is supposed to stand for Zero Effort Networking or something I
believe but ZCM looks to me to be a labour-intensive way of managing
desktop PC's and we are seriously considering using an alternative

Is ZCM actually going somewhere, does it have a direction, or is it
another Novell white elephant?

The last time we renewed maintenance on ZEN with Novell the price took a
massive jump upwards and the sales rep explained that this was because
they were committing significant development effort to ZCM which had to
be paid for - now I feel like a bloody fool for just accepting it!!!!