We are running ZEN 7 on OES LInux as a vm under XEN. Everything was working, but for the last six months we are having more and more workstation import problems.

I have a container called "imported workstations" and new workstations (or if I do a zwsreg) will be created in that container. Works very well. Then I move them from that container, to the container where I want them. But they don't always stay. More and more frequently they will lose the connection to the new container and I will have a duplicate workstation name, one that works in the "imported workstations" container and a broken workstation object in the container they should be in.

So I told zenworks to import directly into the container I want (called MCLab) and I did a zwsreg -unreg and then a zwsreg on the computers in the lab. It worked perfectly. They all registered into the MCLab container and all the apps launch. But now I'm getting duplicate workstation names within the MCLab container! The one that works has the correct MAC address appended to the name and the broken one has a seemingly random MAC address.

For example, I have these workstations in the MCLab container:
MCLab0200:16:17:DB:BD:A4 which is the correct working workstation with correct MAC
MCLab0200:D0:B7:B4:86:67 which does not work, but was added AFTER the correct one was registered.

All of the bad workstations start with 00:D0 in the MAC address. Of the 42 computers in that lab, in just three days I have 15 duplicate names.

What is going on? Does anyone have a clue where I can start looking for a solution? I don't understand why I keep losing the link to a workstation so a new one is created and I really don't understand why new ones are being created with imaginary MAC addresses!

Any help would be appreciated!