Hi forum

When i start the Novell Migration Tool on the OES2-SP1 server, and want
to migrate e.g. VOL1 from the NetWare 6.5 server, then on the Target i
do not see any "NSS Volumes" at the top of the List, even that this
server (Linux) has an NSS volume created like "VOL1" via iManager 2.7,
allthough i had to create it first time it ever was created under NSSMU,
on the server, because of some iManager problem with the storage tab
initially, but when i got iManager up running again i made an new
initialize on the nss "partition" and set it all up again via iManager.

I have another OES2-SP1 server installed in this same tree, and they was
both installed about the same time, this second server does show its
VOL3 under "NSS Volumes" inside the Novell Migration Tool.

Any ideas why the first server does not list this volume?

Also would it be enough to just drag the VOL1 onto the path Shown like
/media/nss/VOL1, in the Migration Tool, instead of usually onto the NSS
Volumes / VOLX listed under NSS Volumes, on the target view.