Vista Enterprise SP1
Novell Client for Vista SP1 or IR1
ZAA 10.1, 10.1.1, 10.1.2
Password sync option on
Not using DLU

If the eDir password and the local Windows Vista password are out of sync, the Novell client prompts the user that the local password is incorrect and will then gives the user an opportunity to sync the local user password, once they enter the correct local windows password (as it should). All accounts are correctly named eDir user = itslab, local user = itslab

However the password does not get set to the Novell eDir password, no errors are indicated (have not looked in the windows security log yet). What does happen is, that the local password is completely removed (meaning it was changed, but it was changed to nothing and is now blank). We have verified this by logging in computer only with a blank password after the initial sync was attempted.

Password changes do work as long as the passwords match prior to the change. Changing your password from the ctrl-alt-del change password method works as advertised. Passwords that are expired and require the user to specify a new password after a successful login works.

Only passwords that are not sync'd have this problem. The problem appears to be syncing the passwords from the initial login prior to desktop being loaded.

Tested SP1 and IR1 both clients have this problem.

Novell client options:
Show login Windows password synchronization option = on
Login Windows password synchronization option default = on
Windows password synchronization = on

I removed the Zenworks Adaptive Agent and the password sync began working as advertised.

It would appear that the Zenworks login (CASA really, I think), is getting in the way of the password pass-through. This may be why the password is being set to a blank password. It is certainly changing from what the password was previously to a blank password.

I reinstalled the Zenworks Adaptive Agent to see if the problem would return. After making the passwords different I rebooted the computer and logged in with the Novell password that was different than the local windows password. The Novell login succeeded but then I receive a warning that the local computer username or password is not valid with a corresponding red X icon. When the Zenworks Adaptive Agent was not on the computer the Novell client would immediately go to the password sync option and bypass the warning message altogether, so that is very different. When I choose OK at the warning, I am then given the opportunity to sync the password with the Novell password. Entering the windows password, the computer accepts it and I'm left with thinking that the password sync operation was successful. However when I logout and then re-login, the windows password is now blank.

To further isolate the problem I disabled the Zenworks login by inserting the registry keys to prevent the zenworks login. The Zenworks Agent did not authenticate the user (can see that in the Zen Agent properties). However the problem of the password being set to a blank password still persisted.

At this point I started looking at the provider order in the advance settings of the networking properties. Nothing I did there helped.

Removing the ZAA is not an option as I need to manage these Vista machines.

Hoping the SR will help me.