I have bm37 sp2 plus and all is working ok. We currently only use it
serving out as a proxy with some inbound traffice to specific boxes,
We have
another 768k t-1 that does most of the inbound for email and such,but
just updated our bm t-1 isp to a full t-1. Now i would like to change
pc's default gateway to the bm box so i can do more traffice though
route. I have got my news groups working ok. Now i want to be able toTerminal into my pc on my desk from home and thus the problem, I turn
the filters and still doesn't work. I have setup an private number and
it to my internal number which is static and change my default gateway
to be
the bm box. I can't terminal home but not reverse.

Also a second note maybe releated is i can't ping or do and iptrace
from my
pc or the bm server also with or without the filters loaded?

Please help, my wife would like to see me more, yea right, well a
know iam home in my office