Would like to check what is this error "NWDPDocWriteBuf failed. who am I:
<MYSERV.O>" message in logger screen. Our server is running NW 6.5 SP7 with
Post NDPS, TCP, WINSOCK, SCSIHD updates. The server is a dedicated
Printserver with only the Broker, NDPS Manager with 245 Printer Agents, and
Equitrac NLM loaded.

We are experiencing solid hung situations (no keyboard response), and 100%
CPU utilization at least 3 times a day. The server is a Power Edge 2950
Quad Core 4 GB Ram, server is configured as one VMWare Host with one Netware
VM (allocated with 3 GB, and VMWTools loaded).

Not sure if that NWDP error listed above is contributing to these hung