Problem: Files randomly going upper or lower case hours later.

Environment: OES2-sp1 / SUSE10sp2 running the Novell client 4.9x.

Current Work-Around: Disable Samba NMB daemon.

Issue: I need both Novell Client and SAMBA for a gradual migration away
from the Novell client. So the workaround is not a solution.

1: Does Novell SAMBA run continuously in a background process checking
and altering files, based on file-case.
2: Does Novell SAMBA settings work exactly on NSS like SAMBA Linux only
RH or SUSE Linux settings?
preserve case = (yes/no)
short preserve case = (yes/no)
default case = (upper/lower)
case sensitive = (yes/no)

3: Is there a TID out there on the differences.

I followed the manual and I think this is what is hosing me with file
case issue:
Case Sensitive = no