Happy new year! I hope you can provide some help or direction on thefollowing issue I have.

I support several Novell servers at a public library. There are three

servers (NetWare 5, 5.1 and 6) at the Main branch and two other
(NetWare 5.1) at two smaller branches (one at each branch).

The servers at the branches used to communicate with the servers at
Main branch (and vice versa) via IPX over dedicated phone lines.
a few months after I started working here, the dedicated phone lines
removed. Now the servers are unable to communicate. This has created

several problems for me (i.e. not being able to access the server
from the Main branch) and it just doesn't make for a healthy network.
I know that I can configure the servers to synchronize time over the
Internet via TCP/IP. However, how can I configure the servers so that
tree is kept updated as well?

Can this be done using BorderManager? If so, I need help getting
I've never used BorderManager or attempted to do anything like this.
TID or other written documentation would be greatly appreciated. Many