I posted this in OES L Install by accident. A sysop pointed out that I should define my needs from a cluster to get a better answer.
My needs from a cluster are simple, fault tolerance. We have about 6 non-clustered NW6.5 servers and a few SUSE servers running.
I think my goal is to consolidate all that is possible or makes sense to 1 or 2 2-node clusters with the virtual machines residing on the SAN for further fault tolerance. The powers that be have often inquired about applying this to our production network so that down-time is almost 0.00% and maintenance does not affect availability.
1.My main question is can you recommend a good book to help me understand and implement a cluster of two machines with the shared storage on a SAN using iscsi? I have a little Linux experience.
2.Is OES Linux just as good a choice for this type of environment as SUSE?
Eventually I'd like to cluster two servers using a SAN as the shared storage. I want to virtualize using Xen for things like eDirectory, file and print, ZenWorks 10, DHCP & DNS.
3.Would it be more applicable that the two clustered machines would be SUSE 10 running Xen and the virtual machines they host would be an assortment of OES Linux and Suse, depending on what is the function of that VM?
4.Do you recommend a stand alone eDirectory server holding the master replica (not a fancy tree) in case the SAN becomes unavailable?
Thanks for any help,