Can somebody please help.

We have zesm single server installation with SQL 2005 on a vm ware windows server. The install appears to go well, all of the communications tests pass, and the ESM runs and connects to our e-directory tree.

The problem occurs when we install the client on our windows xp machines. We have followed the documentation on adding the certificate and licence files into the setup directory and the client installs and runs. When we publish a new policy to the user on the ESM it is successfull. But when we run "check for policy update" on the client we get a no policy update available message.

We have checked the info in "About" we get all the info correct, except for check In Status where we get a "soap client failure message". We have tried this on a number of windows xp machines and get the same error.

Has anyone had the same issue, or can anyone suggest what could be causing this?