I have recently installed BM3.8 on a new NW6.5 server into my
production tree and have been testing it to make sure everything works

before making this my primary firewall.

Everything was running fine until I popped the bm38fp1.exe patch on.
Patched, then rebooted and my server stopped talking to the network.

I as filtsrv was one of the files that was updated I tried unloading
that (which of-course gives the error that ipflt is loaded). So I
unload ipflt and my server starts talking to the world again. When Itried to unload filtsrv the server would hang the console prompt.

So, I back-reved the 5 files that are updated off the BorderManager
this didn't appear to resolve the situation, I inserted netdb /n intothe autoexec.ncf after the loading of the initcfg.ncf (as I noticed
that when perl was being loaded it would autoload netdb but take quite

some time to complete.

Any ideas?