Hello all I hope some one can give me some help here. We just went down the road of installing an Avamar solution to backup our servers. We first had some issues with memory errors.

The servers are Dell PowerEdge 2950s with dual Quad core CPUs and 8 GB of Ram 3 1TB drives in a raid 5 config

2-11-2009 8:11:18 am: SERVER-5.70-2713 [nmID=D0003]
Module did not release 1 resource
Module: Avamar Avtar
Resource: WS2 Startup NLM Entry
Description: Winsock NLM Startup

2-10-2009 8:24:33 pm: SERVER-5.70-0 [nmID=2000A]
Short term memory allocator is out of memory.
1 attempts to get more memory failed.
request size in bytes 160 from Module SERVER.NLM

2-10-2009 8:59:59 pm: SERVER-5.70-0 [nmID=6001D]
Cache memory allocator out of available memory.

When I looked in the SYS$LOG.ERR file I saw this

2-10-2009 8:57:59 pm: SERVER-5.70-3707
Severity = 3 Locus = 17 Class = 21
Server logical address space is running low. Increase the available logical space by restarting the server with the -u788197376 switch

So I loaded the -nl -u788197376 switch, it stoped the flood of memory errors but still abends the same.