Can anyone here point me in the right direction on this:-

Company has a dozen Blackberrys and is running Blackberry Professional
(mini-BES?). SBS 2003 (with Exchange 2003).

PA wants to access and deal with bosses email & calendar, however BES will
only allow 1-to-1 connection to BB device so only boss can synch with his
mailbox. So PA requests autoforward of boss's mail to her mailbox. This is
setup using Delivery Options in Exchange
Now PA dealing with another persons email also, so had their email forwarded
to to her mailbox also. In the office there is no problem since she ha full
access to boss's mailbox.

So the problems:
PA has too many emails in her mailbox, and can't determine who the email was
destined for.
If email came in for Boss and/or other person or herself, she cannot see
this easily since only one copy is in her mailbox..
If forwarding via Delivery Options is disabled it'll have to be done via
rules. I believe this will either lose sender information or will be a
client based rule requiring boss to have Outlook logged in.

So I'm looking for one or more of the following:
1. A way to forward boss's (and A.N.Other's) email to her such that no
header information is lost but it can be redirected to a folder other than
her in-box.
2. A way access delegated and/or public folders from the BB. - Third party
solutions I've been pointed to appear to only allow read access.