Hello all,

I have seen many threads with this issue and none of the recommendations seem to fix my problem.

I have PCs (mostly XP) that can not connect to the internet. If you look at clntrust, it never tries to communicate with the local BM server. If I set the proxy to a BM server in the other building, it all works fine. What might this issue be?

Is there a current list of clntrust versions and which version should I be using? Currently, I am using clntrust dated Dec. 13, 2003. Is there a newer one I could try?

I also have tried enabling the Windows Firewall and adding a port exception for UDP 3024 with no success.

The BM servers are both NW6.0 with SP5 and BM 3.7 SP3 and FP4e installed. Also, both have the latest TCP updates per Craig's web site.

Any additional insight is greatly appreciated.

Steve D.