I am having an issue with ZDM7SP1IR3a_HP3 Imaging. I updated the PXE boot files because I was unable to image the new HP DC7900 workstation.

I extracted the file and copied the boot, linux and initrd files into the SYS:/tftp/boot folder (of course I renamed the existing files). The DC7900 was recognized and I was able to upload and restore images for that model.

The next day we tried to image a DC7800 workstation. It would work until the point of starting the job and then it would stall and freeze. This also occured when using a boot cd.

Once the new files were renamed and the old files put in place, the DC7800 would work, but we were back to where the DC7900 wouldn't work.

Has anyone else experienced this issue? Is this the correct procedure that was followed?