I just recently installed the ZLM 7.2 IR2 agent with Hotpatch 3 on about 30 SLES Servers. 20 of these servers have bonded nics (IBM blades). On 3 of these machines (2 SLES9SP3 x86_64, 1 SLES10SP1 x86_64) "rug refresh" will cause the server to drop up to 5 packets when doing a ping from another machine. "rug restart --force" will cause the machine to go offline for up to 10 minutes unless recovered with a "rcnetwork restart" from the console. The configuration of these servers is 100% identical to the 17 that don't have the issue, there are some differences in patch levels. Reconfiguring the box to use a single nic resolves the issue but can't be the solution. These servers have no connectivity issues whatsover other than when we use rug (or rug does it's automatic refresh).

Any ideas?
Thanks, Frank