I have an odd issue. I'm upgrading clients with the ACU to 4.91sp5 and keep running into this. Once upgraded people are unable to browse many of my servers by UNC - but if it's a mapped drive they can get to it. Take their home directory for instance - User can access their P:\ (home directory located on \\server\home\site\home directory) just fine, they can work with files and do what not. Ok, this same user can not browse by UNC to this location, they can goto \\server but not \home. It's not that big of a deal, but this problem also occurs when trying to run apps... Zen can not push out MSIs by UNC because the user has not got the ability to goto \\server\msipackage.

If I remove the client and reinstall manually it's fine. The server is NW 6.5.8. I'll also post my unattend:
NW_NWFS=NovellNetwareClientParameters, \$OEM$\NET\NTCLIENT\I386

Thanks for any help!!