We have setup a GW8HP1 DO and PO.
Now we are trying to move users from the currrent 6.5PO to the new one.
We are seeing the File Queue growing (at the moment 300000) and the POA working on moving messages to the mailbox (yes, it was a big mailbox).

The problem in this case is, that the POA needs 3 seconds for one message!

We have configured to use 80% of the resources for priming and live moving, so thinking that this is no live moving.

The server is connected with our SAN and performance for copying files is as good as for the other servers connected to the SAN.

How to speedup this process, because in the past we were not able to look for details on this job with 6.5?

Is there a possibillity to use more than one message worker thread for this work?

Thank you,