I found a situation which is really odd.
It relates to inabilty of VPN client to be "told" to use specific connection
from clients workstation.

It probably does not impact many people, but if it was selectable it would
be nice

Normal ADSL line connection via a router. That under normal setup will be
NATed connection.
Due to my ISP fault that does not work, as they lose part of the UDP packet.

So untill I change the provider (by the way they are UK Spitfire - my advice
"AVOID THEM!") I can connect to BM VPN only with NO NAT connection. That
means using ADSL modem in bridge mode (tested with Vigor 100) & PPPOE
"dialup" connection (either Windows build in one or using raspppoe)
That creates second network on the client workstation.

So we have efectively normal LAN with ie. and "dialup" PPPOE LAN
with REAL IP

Running VPN client 3.9.2 each time tries to use LAN
And I need it to go via dialup" PPPOE LAN with REAL IP

Tried unchecking Virtual Private Network from normal LAN adapter (even after
reboot makes no difference), reordered connections in Advenced Network
Settings, still no differnce)

The only way I could get it working was to uncheck TCP/IP from normal LAN
That leaves TCP/IP only available on dialup" PPPOE LAN and in that way VPN
client uses that to connect

I think it would be nice to have ability to tell VPN client what connection
to use