Ok I have upgraded from 3.6 to 3.8 and everything appears to be
working as before except that NWadmin now gives me a 'NDS schema can
not be extended error. NDS error -319' error when I click one of the
BM pages. I have tried:

1. Installing nwadmin locally and loading just the snapins from the

2. Tried Nwadmin from the BM server.

3. Ran Dsrepair.

4. Rebuilt the operational schema.

We are running NW 6.5 with Sp1 and BM 3.8, the server has a r/w
replica and it is a root replica. Time is in sync.

The server OS was upgraded from NW 6 sp3 to 6.5 sp1 at the same time
BM 3.8 was upgraded.

Any assistance is appreciated.