Our Tree currently only has SP6 and SP5 in it. We also use the concept of
replica-only servers in that we have about 5 or 6 servers which hold Root
partition, but also all other partitions.

These servers are very buy throughout the day with authentications, we
use Universal Password so all clients walk to the Root.

Some of my team is worried about introducing our first SP7 onto one of
these Root servers first for fear of disruption, and the risk of the
server breaking.

In the past we have upgraded servers before without any replicas and the
new schema seemed to always propagate around. I believe we did that with

We again would like to try that with SP7, but we can see from the schema
files that there are definitely some new NMAS schema changes that will be
introduced. Some people are concerned about the following:

1. Is it still ok to simply upgraded a server without a replica first?
The schema changes will still propagate?

2. Will the new NMAS changes prevent NMAS on the Root replicas from
functioning properly until they move to SP7?

3. If a Root server reboots while still on SP6, will NMAS still load
properly with the addition/change of the new NMAS schema?

4. Will Universal Password policies still work properly on the Root
servers only at SP6?

We plan on upgrading the Root servers some time following this.

Your comments are appreciated.