I would like another set of eyes on this one as i'm not totally sure i've resolved the issue. I have a Netware6.5sp7 server with in integrated Intel Gig Nic. A while back it just stopped all TCP traffic. I installed and configg'ed a 3Com 3C905 100Meg nic (hey it was all i had!) and it is up and running. My issue still stands though that every so often the nic just "dies" and installing a new one immediately fixes the issue. Luckily i have a whole box of nics identical to the 3Com.
The wierd part: the intel nic still shows up in the config. Netware still seems to find it.

I'm no Netware master, so is there some other form of troubleshooting i can do on the netware box to isolate the trouble to something??

Thank you for all your help.