I am in the process of upgrading a Network from Zenworks 4 to ZCM 10. When I upgrade a system, whether by uninstalling the existing client first or by straight upgrade, when the upgrade to ZCM 10 is complete the Zen4 Desktop Manager still shows up in the system tray?

How can I totally remove all references to any ZEN4 entities from my systems? Yes, there is still a Zen4 server in the Network. Yes, there are still policies setup. But, until we get all of our systems to ZCM 10 I cannot shut that server down. My observations are that installing the ZCM 10 Client is not slowing down systems during startup, but some persons perceive that it is and with this reference to Zen4 remaining people are questioning the upgrade to ZCM10.

Thanking you in advance to any input into this issue...