Hopefully someone can help me with this-

I'm testing the backup and restore process for ZCM10.1
Here's what I did:

I'm running ZCM 10.1 on SLES10 sp2
It's a fresh install- no problems. I set up some policies and bundles and installed the agent on a few test workstations.
Everything worked great when using this server.

As a test, I backed up the zenworks server, database and certificate as outlined here:
Novell Documentation
Under the 14.0 ZENworks Server and Certificate Authority Backup and Restore
I also completed the database and content-repo backup steps.

I then shutdown and disconnected this server from the network.

I then installed SLES10 sp2 and ZCM 10.1 onto a different server using the same zone name, dns name and ip address as the original.

I then restored the zenworks config, database, and certificate as stated in the above link to the zcm10 documentation.
This process completed with no errors and all my devices, policies, configuration, etc. were restored.

The problem is now when I login in, the zcm login screen appears, and it won't allow me to log in to my user source. The error is:
"Unable to log into the network because the login credentials or the server certificate is incorrect."

I'm assuming that something is missing from my backup/restore process since the ip, dns, and config information is the same. The user source on the "restored" system is active and browseable.

I can login if I disconnect the "restored" server and reconnect the original server to the network.

Does anyone have a solution for this?