My server has 2 NICS, a public and a private. The private has address and is plugged right into our switch along with all PCs in
office which are on the subnet. The public card has a
IP address and is plugged directly into our DSL modem.

We are losing internet access constantly is the problem. On and off
day. When Internet goes down I cannot ping to outside world nor can
outside ping in. We can still ping the public card from the inside

So to determine wheter it is a DSL problem we unplugged the DSL modem
plugged the DSL modem into a hub along with a laptop and assigned the

laptop a public IP address. We also plugged the Novell server into the

hub. We did continous pings to both machines at same time from remote

location. The Novell server will lose the Internet on and off but the

laptop will not. Our DSL line appears good.

What can be the problem to make Novell server lose the Internet on and

off ? The ethernet light always stayed on the DSL modem when plugged
the public NIC. THe card appears not to be locking up because we can
ping it from the private side. Is it a hrdware issue or software issue

with Novell ?

John Stoffa