Since reading the descriptions under the "SFT III Anyone ever use it?"
thread, I am reminded of ancient methods of data backup.

Such as:
Teletype punched paper tape (Dartmouth Time-Sharing System and Southwest
Ohio Regional Computer Center)

80-column punched [IBM] card (Indiana University)

Mag Tape reels, various densities

Cassette tape recorder (Sinclair ZX-81)

VHS tape (I can't recall which systems used this, but I remember seeing

5 1/4" DSDD 16-hard-sector floppy diskettes (Vector Graphic 5032 under
CPM/X). These were not compatible with the soft-sectored floppies used on
IBM and other CPM systems.

Magnetic stripe along the edge of Burroughs general ledger sheets

Who remembers others?

-Bob Carroll