We currently have BM 3.7 installed on NW6.0.
A 256kb fractional T1 is coming in through a cisco 1720 (owned by our
and untouchable by us).
From the router's LAN port is a line going to the BM server to NIC0.
NIC1 on the BM server a line goes to our switches with all the
BM in providing a http proxy to our network. Also, through BM, our
GWIA and
webaccess system has an external IP and is providing email services
relay host).

Part 1:
Having 50 users and email on the same line, we would like to add some
bandwidth into the mix and being in the woods doesn't give us many
Comcast's business cable seems to be a viable option at this point,
but my
question is whether BM can handle two ISPs. I don't want Comcast to
our email as there is no SLA. I only need the email to go through the
T1 and
all other traffic would go through the cable connection.
Is this possible (I would imagine I would need 4 nics)? Is there any
If I confused anyone too much, I have diagrams I can send to you!

Part 2:
If this is feasible, how easy would it be to route all data through
the T1
when comcast goes down?

Part 3:
Does BM support obtaining an IP via DHCP on the WAN NIC?

Thank you!